Pilates helps to build strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine. The focus is on the core which is the “powerhouse” of the body. It includes the abdominals and the lower back muscles. Pilates is invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor, but also as an important adjunct to professional sports training and physical rehabilitation.

The central element of Pilates is to create a fusion of mind and body, so that without thinking about it you will move with economy, grace and balance; using your body to the greatest advantage, making the most of its strengths, counteracting its weaknesses, and correcting its imbalances. The beneficial effects can improve almost every tasks in daily life.

Your private sessions will be led by an instructor, Sonya, who has been teaching movements for more than 20 years and she specializes in rehabilitation, prenatal and postnatal Pilates. Our instructors have worked many people with various injuries including disc herniations, fallen arches, rotator cuff injuries, knee instabilities and postural problems. With the help of pilates, many people with fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain have found great relief performing daily tasks.

Meet Sonya, our incredibly passionate and knowledgeable Pilates and Posture Specialist.

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