Movement Is Medicine.

When certain movements are introduced with proper load management at the corresponding recovery stage, it helps to stimulate the system of muscles, bones, and nerves for faster adaption. That will promote long-lasting recovery quickly. Understanding and strengthening our bodies is the most important element of injury recovery and also injury prevention. At FitWell, we will guide you to become a master of your own body.ย 

Do I have to stop all my activities since I’m injured?” A question most patients have in mind. It is entirely possible for an individual to repair from injury while simultaneously continuing to progress in other aspects of fitness, virtually losing little or no ground at all. Our concept of progressive rehabilitation encompasses many forms of what is known as active care. Progressive rehabilitation involves sequenced of mobility and strengthening exercises for maximum healing. We specialize in helping patients to achieve these goals.ย 

Home exercises are taught in a one on one setting to be certain our patients understand the correct movements and benefits that they are designed to elicit. We tailor our patientsโ€™ proactive therapy outside the office to their particular lifestyle, time constraints and activities. The bottom line at FitWell is to help you get better faster and back to doing the things you love.

Fitwell Chiropractic Sports Medicine

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