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We will miss Monty Bodine

It is with great sorrow that we morn the passing of our landlord and friend, Monty Bodine.  Monty lived just down the block, and he would saunter in any ol’ time of the day to enthrall us with tales from the good old days down on the wharf or local neighborhood history.  He’d sit with his hands tucked into his belt and before you knew it the whole lobby would be deep in discussion.  A true champion of the working family.  It is because of his principles and generosity that our little chiropractic office has remained on the corner of Noe and 22nd Streets for twenty years now.

Monty B. Bodine     May 6th, 1940 – Feb. 24th, 2014

Survived by his wife, Barbara, his sons David and Eric as well as daughter-in-law, Olga.

Graduate of CCSF and SF State with a BS Degree. He was a proud, long time member of the ILWU, Local #10 and Local #34.

Loving Husband and Father, he provided and cared for his family till his last day and beyond.

He will be missed by many.

Active Release Techniques ® (ART)

Active Release Techniques ® (ART) treatment is a hands-on case-management system that allows us to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries.

Complete Chiropractic Care

While the modern concept of chiropractic is just over one hundred years old, joint manipulation is one of the oldest forms of healthcare.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of the muscles and tissues of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, and stress.

Functional Rehabilitation

At FitWell our concept of progressive rehabilitation encompasses many forms of what is known as active care.

  • 7x7 Best of the Bay 2017

    “Marathoners and mountain climbers trust Lisa Covey and her team at FitWell Chiropractic Sports Medicine (900 Noe St., Castro) to cure acute injuries and chronic nuisances through a menu of offerings that includes Active Release Technique (ART), functional rehab, massage therapy, and even Pilates.”

    – 7×7 Best of the Bay Area 2017