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7x7 Best of the Bay 2017

Voted Best Chiro by 7×7 The Best of the Bay 2017

Director of FitWell Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Dr. Covey graduated from Life Chiropractic College West, cum laude, where she continues to guest lecture. Dr. Covey is certified with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego which provides research and education in the area of traumatic spinal injury.

Dr. Covey not only treats the spine but also the extremities. She has treated the shoulders of professional football players, the hands of musicians, the backs of policemen and women, the feet of golfers, surfers and marathon runners. In addition she is a certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider and specializes in all manners of soft tissue and repetitive strain injuries both of the spine and the extremities. For this reason, she serves as a referral physician for SF General Hospital, St Francis Spine Center and various orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Covey treats and consults with a wide variety of athletes, both professional and recreational. Her philosophy and treatment approach stem from personal as well as professional experience. Whether you’re an athlete or non-athlete the same principles of prevention, remedy and recovery apply.

Enhancing our individual functional capacity is what makes chiropractic and ART so successful. Enabling her patients to enjoy life to the fullest is Dr. Covey’s goal.

Heather Casey, DC, ART

Heather Casey Dr. Casey, who is currently on maternity leave, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. She is a certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider and certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). Dr. Casey enjoys the challenge of treating the body as a functional unit, addressing any soft tissue injuries, along with spine and extremity treatment. She has helped patients from many different backgrounds attain an increased level of health through chiropractic care and soft tissue therapy.

While Dr. Casey has worked with almost every type of athlete, she can especially empathize with those who pursue events of endurance distance, as she has completed four marathons and two Ironman triathlons. She is passionate about helping people of all ages return to the activities they enjoy.

Rikke Cox, Office Manager

Fitwell ChiropractorRikke comes to FitWell Chiropractic Sports Medicine through the agency business. Rikke has found booking artists for gigs to be quite similar to running the office of a chiropractor. “As silly as it sounds, working at FitWell gives me a sense of contributing to a better world. Seeing people come in with pain and leave feeling better. The results of our work show their rewards daily here at FitWell. I love that.”

Rikke received her Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from ASU. Rikke is your typical bay area outdoor lover preferring to surf in the ocean or ski on the mountains. You can also find Rikke volunteering at various native habitat restoration projects throughout the city.

Jodie Folk, CMT

Jodie Folk

Jodie comes to Fitwell with 11 years of experience as a massage therapist. She started her career in Florida, now holds licenses in three states, and is also board certified. She always knew her true passion was helping others, which inspired her to become a social worker, and later led her to join the Peace Corps. Today, she is happy she can continue to help others through the art of massage.

Jodie is committed to offering a listening ear and is adept at meeting her clients exactly where they are. Whether a patient needs deep tissue or subtle body work, or is suffering from issues of repetitive stress, athletic injury or body changes connected to pregnancy, Jodie offers warmth, expertise, relaxation and a healing touch. She believes the most important thing a therapist can offer — beyond any technique — is a mindful and compassionate presence that facilitates the innate healing ability of the recipient. Ultimately, her massage is deeply restorative, nurturing, and refreshing.

She is very excited about continuing her growth in this profession at Fitwell Chiropractic and she looks forward to meeting new patients in the journey.

Mae Li

Jamie Russell

Jamie Russell, Pilates Instructor

As a classically trained dancer, Jamie has been studying the Pilates method on and off since the age of 13. Her personal practice became more consistent and significant after taking a break from dance as a way to maintain physical and mental balance. She began her Pilates teacher training in New York and went on to complete a comprehensive certification through Balanced Body in San Francisco, CA. Jamie emphasizes the Pilates principles, concentration, control and precision and strives to help her clients reach their individual goals at any level.

Nara Tucker

Nara Tucker, CMT

Nara has been CMT since 2000. With her many years of experience working as massage therapist and a background in engineering, Nara sees the body as an engineering marble.

She believes with the help of skillful therapist, the body has the power to heal itself. Her signature neuromuscular bodywork is greatly appreciated by patients with chronic pain.

As a passionate Martial Artist she is particularly interested in Sports and Deep Tissue Massage.

Active Release Techniques ® (ART)

Active Release Techniques ® (ART) treatment is a hands-on case-management system that allows us to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries.

Complete Chiropractic Care

While the modern concept of chiropractic is just over one hundred years old, joint manipulation is one of the oldest forms of healthcare.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of the muscles and tissues of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, and stress.

Functional Rehabilitation

At FitWell our concept of progressive rehabilitation encompasses many forms of what is known as active care.

  • 7x7 Best of the Bay 2017

    “Marathoners and mountain climbers trust Lisa Covey and her team at FitWell Chiropractic Sports Medicine (900 Noe St., Castro) to cure acute injuries and chronic nuisances through a menu of offerings that includes Active Release Technique (ART), functional rehab, massage therapy, and even Pilates.”

    – 7×7 Best of the Bay Area 2017